2010 Mission to Sweden (Parliamentary, regional and Municipal Elections)

In September of 2010 the group of Belarusian observers from the project “Election Observation: Theory and Practice” monitored the conduct of the Parliamentary, regional and municipal elections in Sweden. The participants of this mission visited around 40 polling stations in Stockholm.

It was a rather unusual mission of the project as far as only seven persons took part in it. This time the project participants had got an opportunity to observe the elections as well as to get to know the general political situation in the country.

The participants of the mission were pleasantly surprised by the principles that Swedish people are sticking to during the election conduct. For instance the system according to which election commissions are working guarantees safety of private information and that in most polling stations voters have the possibility to get back the voting cards from the commission members after having voted.

Pre-voting system used in Sweden to attract more voters provides for safety and consideration of all the votes as the actual ballots stay untouched until the counting procedure at polling stations starts. According to observers from the mission, the option of changing a vote was considered a good practice as it increases trust to early voting as such.

The election observation mission to Sweden was organized in the framework of the project “Election Observation: Theory and Practice” implemented in partnership by four organizations: the United Centre of Initiatives for Belarus (JuBIC), Swedish International Liberal Centre (SILC), European Humanities University (EHU) and Belarusian Human Rights House in Vilnius (HRH). The participants of previous project missions observed elections in Norway, Georgia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland and Belarus.