2010 Mission to Latvia (Parliamentary Election)

The project "Election Observation: Theory and Practice" finished its yet another mission, during which a group of short-term international observers accredited under the Swedish International Liberal Center observed the parliamentary election in Latvia.

The observers concentrated on procedures during the Election Day, namely opening of the polling stations, voting and counting. The participants visited 203 polling stations (21% out of all polling stations).

The mission evaluated the voting process based on international standards and OSCE criteria as well as national legislation of the Republic of Latvia. In spite of the fact the participants fixed some deviations, the mission stated that in general they did not affect the outcome of elections which were held in accordance with international and national standards.

In total, the observation mission comprised of 35 observers from Belarus, Sweden and Lithuania. The mission is organized within the framework of the project “Election Observation: Theory and Practice”, implemented in partnership by 4 organizations: the United Centre of Initiatives for Belarus (JuBIC), Swedish International Liberal Centre (SILC), European Humanities University (EHU) and Belarusian Human Rights House in Vilnius (HRH). Previous project missions observed elections in Norway, Georgia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Sweden and Belarus.