2010 Mission to Belarus (Presidential Election)

On December 19, 2010 the participants of the project “Election Observation: Theory and Practice” monitored the process of the presidential election in the Republic of Belarus. The Mission consisted of 94 people, including the EHU students and the representatives of the Belarusian third sector. The participants of the project mission monitored voting on the day of the election, and in some cases during the early voting on 31 polling stations in Minsk, as well as on 24 polling stations in Grodno, Vitebsk, Molodechno, Novogrudok, Polotsk, Lida, Beryozovka, Smorgon, Maryina Gorka and Borisov.

On the day of election itself, the mission participants monitored the opening of the polling stations, the work of electoral commissions throughout the day, home voting, as well as the procedure of counting the votes and the announcement of the results of the voting. It should be noted that at each of these stages of the process numerous violations were fixed, however the most troublesome stage of the voting procedure was the counting of votes that had been carried out with violations at almost all of the polling stations where the observers from the project were present.

Many monitors noted that there were facts of hampering the monitoring by the members of electoral committees and by the monitors from the non-profit organizations loyal to the authorities. In particular, even though all the participant of the mission got officially registered as monitors, many were not able to fully exercise their rights.